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What is Spoken Bible Verses? Spoken Bible Verses is an audio tool of the bible in multiple languages designed to help us understand the bible better. We and our partners understand that we retain information differently. Some enjoy reading the text of the bible while others learn better by listening opposed to reading. These tools help us both listen and learn the bible better in a variety of languages. Below, we have also provided biblical downloads in a variety of language. Use these learning tool to teach yourself and your children about the glory of the lord.

Specifically, the Arabic Bible Book of Life is a Modern Standard Arabic translation of the Bible. Arab theologians and linguists began working on the translation in 1973 and the New Testament was published 1982, the full Bible following in 1988. Over the years the Book of Life has evolved from a translation of the printed Bible to a ministry aiming at communicating the Bible in various media to diverse audiences.

Faith Comes by Hearing

We are pleased to present audio from Faith Comes by Hearing. With Scripture audio recorded in over 866 languages, FCBH shares our vision to make the Word of God available to as many people and languages as possible.

This version of Spoken Bible Verses focuses on English and Spanish versions of the bible. It is a useful tool and it focuses on a more specific and less broader audience of listeners. This tool is much easier to use and is a great teaching tool for schools, Sunday schools and churches. However, the previous version in worldwide and international and reaches a broader avenues of believer with spokes persons in their native tongues and languages. Enjoy these fabulous tools that was provided to you from the workers of God.


Language Version Available Versions
አማርኛ (AM) Amharic Ebook Bible PDF (NT)
Amuzgo de Guerrero (AMU) Amuzgo de Guerrero Text (NT)
العربية (AR) Arabic Bible: Easy-to-Read Version Text
Arabic Ebook Bible PDF
Arabic Life Application Bible Text
Български (BG) 1940 Bulgarian Bible Text
Bulgarian Bible Text
Bulgarian New Testament: Easy-to-Read Version Text (NT)
Chinanteco de Comaltepec (CCO) Chinanteco de Comaltepec Text (NT)
Cebuano (CEB) Cebuano New Testament PDF (NT)
Cakchiquel Occidental (CKW) Cakchiquel Occidental Text (NT)
Kreyol (CPF) Haitian Creole Version Text
Čeština (CS) Slovo na cestu Text (NT)
Dansk (DA) Dette er Biblen på dansk Text
Deutsch (DE) Hoffnung für Alle Text (NT)
Luther Bibel 1545 Text
English (EN) 21st Century King James Version Text
American Standard Version Text
Amplified Bible Text
Common English Bible Text (with Apocrypha)
Contemporary English Version Text
Darby Translation Text
Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition Text (with Apocrypha)
Easy-to-Read Version Text
English Standard Version TextAudio
English Standard Version Anglicised Text
GOD’S WORD Translation Text
Good News Translation Text (with Apocrypha)
Holman Christian Standard Bible Text
Holman Christian Standard Bible NT Audio (NT)
J.B. Phillips New Testament Text (NT)
King James Version TextAudio
Lexham English Bible Text (NT)
New American Standard Bible TextAudio
New Century Version Text
New International Reader’s Version Text
New International Version TextAudio
New International Version – UK Text
New International Version 1984 Text
New King James Version Text
New Life Version Text
New Living Translation Text
The Message Text
Today’s New International Version Text
Today’s New International Version Audio
Worldwide English (New Testament) Text (NT)
Wycliffe Bible Text
Young’s Literal Translation Text
Español (ES) Castilian Text (NT)
Dios Habla Hoy Text (with Apocrypha)
La Biblia de las Américas TextAudio (NT)
Nueva Biblia Latinoamericana de Hoy Text
Nueva Traducción Viviente Text
Nueva Versión Internacional TextAudio
Palabra de Dios para Todos Text
Reina Valera Contemporánea Text
Reina-Valera 1960 Text
Reina-Valera 1995 Text
Reina-Valera Antigua Text
Traducción en lenguaje actual Text (with Apocrypha)
فارسی (FA) Farsi Ebook Bible PDF
Farsi New Testament Audio (NT)
Français (FR) La Bible du Semeur Text
Louis Segond Text
Nouvelle Edition de Genève – NEG1979 Text
Segond 21 Text
Κοινη (GRC) 1550 Stephanus New Testament Text (NT)
1881 Westcott-Hort New Testament Text (NT)
1894 Scrivener New Testament Text (NT)
SBL Greek New Testament Text (NT)
עיברית (HE) The Westminster Leningrad Codex Text (OT)
Ilonggo (HIL) Hiligaynon Bible Text
Hiligaynon Ebook Bible PDF (NT)
Hrvatski (HR) Croatian Bible Text (NT)
Magyar (HU) Hungarian Károli Text
Hungarian New Testament: Easy-to-Read Version Text (NT)
Íslenska (IS) Icelandic Bible Text
International Bibles Continued

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