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What is ESV? ESV simply is the English Standard Version of the Bible. The English Standard Version is but another road.

Browsing the Bible:

A quick way to browse to the passage you’re looking for is to use the Bible menu () at the top of the page. From here, you’ll see every book of the Bible, arranged by Old and New Testament, as well as their chapter numbers.

Ever wanted to go back to the passage you were reading yesterday, but you just couldn’t remember where you were? Check out the History menu () at the top of the page to view your previously viewed passages of scripture. Also, you can star any passage to refer back to later from the Favs menu () at the top of the page.

If hearing the Bible spoken is helpful in your devotions, click the Listen button () at the top of the page to hear the passage you’re on read back to you.

Discounted America Bible has the privilege in sharing the English Standard Version to you and the rest of the word. You have been provided both audio and text to make your learning experience a pleasure. Give us your thoughts or opinions of this Biblical version of the Bible.