Details On the Wives of David

1. Mikal

David was promised Saul’s daughter in marriage after he defeated Goliath.  However, while Saul procrastinated in delivering his elder daughter for marriage, David fell in love with the younger daughter, lk*ym! (Mikal).  Note:  Mikal is erroneously transliterated, Michal.  Mikal was the only wife who was reported to have loved David (1 Samuel 18:2028).  Mikal was a divisive female and a psychopathic liar.  Saul knew she was trouble, and he gave her to David to be a snare to him, since Saul was becoming jealous of David.

The dowry that David had to pay for Mikal was 100 foreskins of the Philistines, but he paid 200 instead.  The word for foreskin (Hebrew hl*r=u* , `arelah) here was a Hebrew euphemism for the male phallus.  The way the dead were counted was by the phallus, since the Jews were circumcised and the Philistines were not.

Mikal was a very proper Jewish girl like a graduate of a Baptist college.  She was legalistic and somewhat prudish because her Spiritual instruction was not coupled with experiential sanctification.  In other words, she was religious but lacked a love relationship with God.  Her name, Mikal, meant brook, or stream, a symbol of the water of the word.  When Mikal saw David dancing before the Ark and the women cheering, she was jealous and bitter due to her legalism.  She criticized David for showing his butt before the women.  Apparently he had girded his robe in his belt to dance.  This revealed not only her jealousy but also her prudishness.  Her bitterness caused her to be barren (2 Samuel 6:18-27).

From all this, it can be deduced that Mikal represented the X-axis of the Edification Complex of the Soul, which symbolizes Righteousness and is counterattacked by Ecumenical Babylon.  The characteristic color of Mikal, a brook, would be blue.

2. ‘Achino`am

David’s second wife was ‘Achino`am, which means my brother is delight.  She was good friends with her brother.  She enjoyed social love relationships.  She was a person with whom David could talk.  He married her after he fled for his life from Saul and left Mikal behind.  She was from Jezreel (2 Samuel 3:2).  David had a passionate relationship with Mikal, but they were unable to have a good social relationship.  When David lost Mikal, he wanted a woman companion, which he found in ‘Achino`am.  ‘Achino`am represented the Y-axis of the Edification Complex of the Soul, which represents love relationships with others.  Love is the expression of the entire ECS, but the facade (Y-axis) represents that expression.  The woman’s breasts symbolize the Y-axis love relationship.  The capacity for life of the conjugal love relationship in the man is symbolized by the color, yellow; and the woman’s Y-axis response to that love is symbolized by yellow.  This is like grapefruit, which symbolize the woman’s breasts and are yellow.  The color for Love, which is a combination of all the colors is white.  However, the color of the Y-axis only is yellow.

3.  Abigail

While David was running from Saul, he met another woman, Abigail, who became his third wife.  Abigail means my father is rejoicing.  Abigail was from Mt. Carmel (2 Samuel 3:2).  She was a perfect wife.  He met her when he was on his way to kill her worthless husband, who wouldn’t pay David for providing security during the sheep shearing.  When Abigail heard that David was on his way to kill her husband, she loaded up some donkeys with food and set out on her donkey to meet him.  She met David on a blind curve as they were coming round the mountain, and as the King James says, “she lighted off the ass” (1 Samuel 25:23).  She bowed to the ground before David to show her respect for his authority and pleaded with him on the basis of David’s prophetic purpose not to do anything that would bring dishonor to his future calling as King of Israel.  Abigail was a doctrinal believer who knew prophecy.  She was a Spiritual woman.  She convinced David not to kill her worthless, drunken husband.  David left the matter in the Lord’s hands per the Faith-Rest technique.  When her husband subsequently died of a heart attack, David married Abigail.

Abigail represents the Spiritual woman, which corresponds to the Z-axis of the Edification Complex of the Soul.  The color of that axis corresponds to the color of Justice and royalty, which is violet.  Abigail provided Spiritual Love and harmony to David.

David’s first three wives represented the Attraction, or Identification, Phase of the Right Man – Right Woman relationship.  Three axes are required for the foundation of the Intimacy Room in the Edification Complex of the Soul.  The foundation of the Intimacy Room represents the Attraction Phase.  Now, in the Church Age, the believer is expressly forbidden from having more than one wife, but prior to the Church Age, the Lord permitted more than one wife in His permissive will.  In spite of all David’s wives, he still reached Spiritual Maturity and the fullness of blessing from God after passing Evidence Testing.  David’s wives did not prevent him from executing the Spiritual Life.  Furthermore, the individual wives provided insight into the testing of all aspects of the Marriage relationship.  Each wife represented a different test and another promotion level.  Every time David was promoted, he received another wife.  The wives pointed out the strategic objective of the corporate testimony of Marriage in David’s life.

4.  Ma`akah

David’s fourth wife was Ma`akah, the daughter of Talmai, King of Geshur.  Geshur, meaning bridge, was an Aramaean principality in Syria.1 Ma`akah means fondling female, or pet.  The root word means to fondle, and the ending of “ah” is feminine.  Fondling is sensual, which is associated with touching the skin.  The conjugal love relationship includes the intimate response of the body as well as the soul.  The skin is very responsive to intimacy.  The breakdown of intimacy causes many types of skin ailments.  The name, Ma`akah, does not indicate whether she was the one giving or receiving the petting.  If receiving, perhaps she had big breasts.

Ma`akah was different from David’s first three wives, who represented the Attraction Phase of the Right Man – Right Woman relationship.  Ma`akah represented the logical progression toward intimacy.  David saw Mikal in Saul’s castle and was attracted to her.  They did not have meaningful conversations.  They were young, passionate lovers without much soul compatibility.  Thus, Mikal represented the first step in the Right Man – Right Woman relationship, i.e. the Attraction Phase.  Then David progressed to social life in his love relationship with ‘Achino`am.  After meeting, it is logical to talk.  Next, David progressed to a Spiritual relationship with Abigail, the ultimate Spiritual companion.  However, the first three wives were all associated with forming the foundation of the Intimacy Room in the Attraction Phase.

Ma`akah represented the beginning of the wall of the Intimacy Room.  The walls are analogous to the skin of the human body.  The color of the skin is red, from the Hebrew Adam, which means red or ruddy.  So Ma`akah was symbolized by the color, red.

5.  Chaggith

David’s fifth wife was Chaggith, which is erroneously transliterated Haggith.  Chaggith means festal.  She was the belle of the ball whom David took to festivals.  What would a festival be without dancing?  Dancing is the sign of festivities.  It is likely that Chaggith was a dancer and probably a belly dancer, since that was the popular dance in the region.

Song of Solomon 7:1-2
1 How beautiful are your dance-steps in sandals,
O prince’s daughter!
The swaying of your hips are like jewels,
The work of an artist’s hands.
2 Your navel is a well-rounded basin
Which never lacks mixed wine;
Your belly is like a heap of wheat
Encircled about with lilies.

Dancing is an expression of love and happiness.  It should, therefore, be performed in the Filling of the Holy Spirit.  Belly dancing expresses in pantomime conjugal love making.  It is on a higher plane than touching.  It expresses love and happiness in a realm that is beyond the sensual.  The legalists who view belly dancing as vulgar have obviously not arrived at level 5 of the Right Man – Right Woman relationship.  The color that symbolizes happiness is green, which is the color of prosperity.  Thus, Chaggith was symbolized by green.

One of Solomon’s brides danced for him as an expression of her love response to him.  When a woman dances for a man, it is a much higher expression of love than touching.

Chaggith’s belly dancing also reveals something else about her.  She war probably plump, which was the case with many women of the day, and especially the belly dancers.  The “well-rounded basin” (SOS 7:2) was the belly.  For belly dancers a belly is an asset.  A woman without a basin would not be prized for her belly dancing.

6.  ‘Abital

David’s sixth wife was ‘Abital, which means my father is dew.  The dew falls on the ground at night and represents the female sexual response for her Right Man during the night.  ‘Abital was the wife who readily responded to David by becoming wet.  David did not have to take her to a festival to get her in the mood.  She was a natural responder.

The dew on the grass symbolizes the dampness of the woman’s pubic region.  The dew on the ground may be symbolized by the color, orange, like the color of pottery.  The orange fruit is a symbol of the female genitals, and its sticky juice is a symbol of the female sexual response just as dew.  Thus, ‘Abital was symbolized by the color orange as well as the orange fruit.

With ‘Abital, the natural progression of events led to the female sexual response.  The purpose of the Compatibility Phase of testing is to bring about coalescence of souls.  When there is coalescence of souls, there will be coalescence of bodies.  The Right Man and Right Woman are designed to have wonderful coalescence of bodies.  When that does not happen, the problem is usually in the soul.  Scar tissue of the soul is the great enemy of conjugal love.  Legalists are frigid and dry while the lawless are promiscuous and swampy.

7. `Egelah

`Egelah was David’s seventh wife, the completion of a category.  She was his last wife in Hebron, where he reigned for seven and a half years before moving to Jerusalem. `Egelah means heifer.  She was a big woman, who represented all of the previous types of wives.  Big is not necessarily synonymous with fat, since she was probably not short.  Big women are known for being powerful lovers.  The expansion of the Y-axis is related to love desires.  Whereas, no woman can be content with the wrong man, with big women, the problem is even more pronounced.  Big women are insatiable without the Right Man.  David, whose name means lover, had in `Egelah his most complete lover.  The symbolic color of `Egelah was indigo, for a covering.

`Egelah represented the completion of the Compatibility Phase when the soul receives stress testing to prove that it is capable of sustaining the power of the conjugal love relationship in Marriage.  A person who has not completed Compatibility Testing cannot withstand the conjugal love relationship without springing a leak in the soul.  When the soul springs a leak, it falls under the power of the Cosmic System and the Old Sin Nature takes over.  That does not make for a loving relationship.  The person in the Cosmic System is in darkness, and none of the love lights are on.  All of the lights in the Intimacy Room go out, and the soul becomes a haunt for demons (2 Corinthians 6:14).

Samson’s first wife was a Philistine, whom he referred to as his heifer.  She was obviously a big woman to match Samson.

So the men of the city said to him on the seventh day before the sun went down, “What is sweeter than honey? And what is stronger than a lion?” But he (Samson) said to them, “If you had not plowed with my heifer, you would not have hit upon (guessed) my riddle.”  (Judges 14:18)

On their honeymoon, Samson’s wife engaged in social intercourse with the other men at the wedding party.  She violated her loyalty to Samson when she told his secret to the other men.  That broke up the marriage, and Samson’s wife later married the best man.

8.  Bathsheba`

After completing Compatibility Testing and the walls of the Intimacy Room, David’s 7 lights for the Intimacy Room were shining.  However, none of his seven wives were his Right Woman.  The Right Woman was to come next as David was promoted into Spiritual Rapport Testing.  However, Spiritual Rapport is a paradigm shift.  Spiritual Rapport is analogous to adding the roof to the Intimacy Room.  Spiritual Rapport is the test of the Spiritual relationship with God to produce harmonious rapport with Right Woman.

David was a wild child who had to overcome many problems that hindered the Right Man – Right Woman relationship.  When David moved into Spiritual Rapport Testing, his soul reeled in confusion.  He entered into reversionism and made wrong decisions.  Granted, David fell into reversionism, but he was under strong pressure from Spiritual Rapport Testing.  It was God’s Plan to give David his Right Woman at this phase.  The Right Woman would be the woman of the promise and bear him children to receive his inheritance like Isaac and Jacob.

However, at this stage, David failed the test and committed adultery with Bathsheba`.  He even had her husband murdered before he Rebounded.  David received intensified discipline for his adultery and murder.  He had so much discipline that he had to take it on the installment plan for the rest of his life.  Consequently, he never had his Right Woman.

David married Bathsheba` as his eighth wife.  She is called Bathshu`a in 1 Chronicles 3:5, which means daughter of opulence. As the daughter of opulence, she symbolized the Right Woman through whom the inheritance would be passed down through the child of the promise.   Elsewhere she is called Bathsheba`, which means daughter of the oath, i.e. the Marriage covenant.  She was married to Uriah the Hittite, David’s best general.  Bathsheba` was Uriah’s Right Woman, who is called his ewe lamb (2 Samuel 12:3).  She was not David’s Right Woman.

However, David married Bathsheba` through whom his inheritance was passed on through Solomon.  Nevertheless, she was not his Right Woman.  So, David, the greatest lover, failed to receive his greatest female love responder, his Right Woman.

Bathsheba` is represented as the color, white, although she was only the Right Woman substitute.  The Right Woman is supposed to be white for sanctification just as the bride wears white for purity.  White is the combination of all the colors of the rainbow.  When all the colors are present in the Intimacy Room, the result is white.  White is the color of love.  Love is combination of all seven colors just as God’s Love is the expression of His Integrity including His Righteousness and Justice.

David Rebounded, however, and took his punishment.  He eventually qualified for Evidence Testing, which occurred during the Absalom Rebellion.  In spite of all his wives and sins, he eventually reached Spiritual Rapport and Maximum Glorification of God.  He had all the lights in his Edification Complex.  He just did not have his Right Woman.  Having the Right Man or Right Woman is not a requirement for the Spiritual Life as Paul tried to explain to the Corinthians.

Intimacy Room

8 Bathsheba` oath
7 `Egelah heifer
6 ‘Abital dew
5 Chaggith festal
4 Ma`akah pet
3 Abigail royalty
2 ‘Achino`am love
1 Mikal water


David had eight wives, which represented the testing and promotion through all the Phases of the Right Man – Right Woman relationship.  The first seven wives represented the completion of the category of tests of the soul to qualify for Right Woman while the eighth represented the Right Woman substitute, since David did not receive his Right Woman.  Each wife represented a specific characteristic of Right Woman and a symbolic color of the light production, or fruit, of that relationship.  David’s wives represented the promotions toward the strategic objective of the coporate testimony of Marriage in the life of the believer.  His wives demonstrated that one of the strategic objectives of life is the advance back to the Garden with the Right Woman.

The production of the Intimacy Room is light – not physical fruit.  The fruit, or production, of the Intimacy Room consists of the seven colors of light of the rainbow.  The fruit-bearing, or production, of the Spiritual Life in the Intimacy Room is light.  The symbolic colors associated with David’s wives are the colors of the light in the Intimacy Room.

After the Flood, God placed a rainbow in the sky as a symbol of the end of judgment.  However, the rainbow was also a testimony of the breakdown of marriage culture.  In Satan’s attack on Marriage, all seven tests of the Right Man – Right Woman relationship had been failed.  The rainbow in the sky was a testimony of the failed tests and lack of light in the Intimacy Room of those who rejected the Right Man – Right Woman relationship.  Those who reject Right Man or Right Woman reside in darkness.  And the only way to pass the intimacy tests is with Bible Doctrine.

Children born before the parents are in Spiritual Rapport receive various curses.  David’s family was full of cursing when he sinned with Bathsheba`.  The cursing included rape and murder.  Wild children from relationships other than Right Man – Right Woman also inherit cursing.  David was a wild child, and he had a life time of problems with women.  His first seven wives represented the intimacy tests that he had to pass to qualify for Right Woman.

Job’s wife in Spiritual Maturity left him during Evidence Testing.  He received a new wife after Evidence Testing, and his three daughters by her were the most beautiful in the land.  Job gave an inheritance to all his children, not just the firstborn.  Joseph did not marry until after passing Evidence Testing.  He married a daughter of a priest of the Sun god, yet God was still able to bless his marriage with double blessing.

Spiritual Rapport is the key to harmonious rapport in marriage.  Spiritual Rapport is the phase of maximum glorification of God.  The light in the Intimacy Room will be white from the combination of the seven colors of the rainbow.  White is the color for true love and sanctification, which only occurs when all the colors are present.  David went through eight wives so we could understand the colors of light production in the Intimacy Room.

8 Bathsheba` oath
7 `Egelah heifer
6 ‘Abital dew
5 Chaggith festal
4 Ma`akah pet
3 Abigail royalty
2 ‘Achino`am love
1 Mikal water


1.  Merill F. Unger, The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary, ISBN 0-8024-9037-9, (Chicago:  Moody Press, Chicago, IL 60610), 1988, p. 469.