Chronological Order of Gospel Events 4

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Order Title Matthew Mark Luke John
222 The Death of Jesus 27:45-56 15:33-41 23:44-49 19:28-37
223 Burial of Jesus 27:57-61 15:42-47 23:50-56 19:38-42
224 The Guard at the Tomb 27:62-66
225 The Resurrection (The Empty Tomb) 28:1-10 16:1-20 24:1-10 20:1-8
226 The Guard’s Report 28:11-15
227 Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene 20:10-18
228 On the Road to Emmaus 24:13-35
229 Jesus Appears to His Disciples 24:36-49 20:19-23
230 Jesus Appears to Thomas 20:24-31
231 Jesus and the Miraculous Catch of Fish 21:1-14
232 Jesus Reinstates Peter 21:15-25
233 The Great Commission 28:16-20
234 The Ascension 24:50-53

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